Best Karcher K3 Pressure Washer Reviews 2018

Best Karcher K3 Power Washer Reviews for Home Use

Is the Karcher K3 pressure washer the best model to choose for your needs? Perhaps you are settled on the brand, but you don’t know which model to buy. That’s a good problem to have, as Karcher offers so many different types of power washing equipment and accessories. The K3 is one of the models that might fit your needs, but take a look at this review of its features first.


It features 1800 PSI, and get this, it follows you around as you’re cleaning. You know that means it wheels. In fact, it has four of them. The four wheelbase is certainly convenient, and the Vario spray wand helps you tackle all different kinds of tasks. The deal with the Vario wand is so that you’re able to switch to high pressure and low pressure as needed.

The pressure washer is powerful, so you don’t want a high-pressure spray coming out of the wand when you need low pressure instead. That vario spray wand makes everything much easier. You also get the dirt blaster spray wand, and that’s going to help you really get that dirt and grime off patios, driveways and more.

Karcher K3 Full Control Pressure Washer Review

Get ready to make your driveway the car wash, too. Hey, if you’re going to get out there and tackle all kinds of other pressure washing projects, you might as well wash the car with it, too, right? Think about all the money you will save not having to visit the car wash.

The onboard detergent tank for the K3 pressure washer by Karcher also is convenient. You might read about other pressure washers and notice similar features. There are going to be similar features, but it’s important to notice the differences, too. Some of the power washers offered by Karcher are more compact, and others are like this one, a little more heavy-duty.



This is the first Karcher power washer I’ve reviewed that has a four wheelbase. It is quite the machine, and you’re going to be pressure washing all kinds of surfaces at home. Do you have a deck to clean? You can keep it spotless and sparkling with the Karcher K3 pressure washer.

Kaercher K3 Premium Electric Power Washers

While there are more compact models available from Karcher as mentioned, the K3 is actually still considered to be a compact pressure washer. In case you weren’t aware, this is an electric pressure washer. The reviews state it is the only one with four wheels, of any brand. So that makes sense that it is the only Karcher model I’ve seen with four wheels.

One of the accessories you might want to consider is a brush attachment. Have you thought about this type of accessory? You might be thinking about other types of accessories that you want to buy as well. Considering the product itself is quite affordable, you might want to pick up those accessories right away. Think about what all you will need, and get ready to invest in a home pressure washer that will work out quite nicely.