Best Karcher K4 Pressure Washer Reviews 2018

Karcher K4 Pressure Washer Reviews – This Product Can Do It All

The Karcher K4 pressure washer isn’t one of the more compact models offered by the company. There is nothing wrong with a compact model, but this power washer is a more heavy-duty machine. Featuring 1900 PSI, the power washer is still solely for residential use, yet close to commercial grade. Are you thinking about purchasing the Karcher K4?

Karcher K4 Premium Water-Cooled Pressure Washer

After reviewing a more compact model with an air-cooled motor, I was happy to see that this one has a water-cooled motor. That seems to be the more acceptable standard when it comes to power washers. What are some of the other features of the Karcher K4 home pressure washer that you need to know about?


First of all, think of it in comparison to a garden hose for just a moment. Did you know that it’s about 38 times as powerful? That’s rather impressive, and the reviews say that it can tackle any residential pressure washing project you have in mind.

Back to that water-cooled motor for a second. That is a feature that also makes this pressure washer less noisy. You can also count on it making the power washer more energy efficient, too. The onboard detergent tank and the Vario power spray wand are also important features of this pressure washer. You can adjust the pressure using the spray wand, and that is always helpful for different types of tasks.

You not only get the Vario wand, but you get the dirtblaster wand, too. The pressure washer comes with a limited two-year warranty, and it weighs a little under 17 pounds. It comes with the T300 deck and driveway cleaner accessory, and it should be mentioned that there are also other accessories that can be purchased, too.

Best Full Control Electric Pressure Washers 2018

For example, there are extension spray wands. You get quite a lot when you purchase the Karcher K4 pressure washer, and you can decide if you want some of the other accessories when you read about them. What’s really interesting is the price of the pressure washers. They are more affordable than most people think. For example, this particular model’s price was what I would have expected to pay for a more basic and very compact power washer.

People have other questions about the pressure washer and its use, too, and they take to reviews. For example, some people want to know if you can use an extension cord with the machine. On another review, I saw that it was noted the owner’s manual states not to do that. Some people also want to know if it will work with 220v or only 110v. The answer is only 110v.

There are also gas-powered pressure washers. This is an electric pressure washing system, and it is certainly a popular one. There are pros and cons to both electric and gas-powered pressure washers. You have to decide what the best product is for use at your home. You should be able to do everything you need to do with the Karcher 4 pressure washer, just like the reviews say.