Best Karcher K7 Pressure Washer Review 2018

A Review Of The Karcher K7 Pressure Washer And Its Features

Using a pressure washer on your home or business and surrounding property is a great idea. Having this type of equipment does require an initial investment, but power washing equipment comes in handy quite often. Ultimately, a pressure washer provides protection for your property and can even save you money. You have many choices when it comes to buying this type of equipment. Is the Karcher 7 pressure washer the best solution.


Its value has to be rated according to performance vs price. It is considered to be a premium pressure washer according to reviews, but is it expensive? Its cost and its value ratings are both good. Its overall rating is good, too. It receives a good rating for water flow and for water pressure as well, both of which are very important when it comes to pressure washing surfaces.

Karcher K-7 Compact Pressure Washer Model

The Karcher K7 pressure washer is the latest model available from this brand. It gives you full control when you are power washing surfaces. What is the first project you have in mind when it comes to using this pressure washer? You can do so much with it, so you’re definitely going to put it to use.

One thing about this latest model is that reviews say it does feature the same motor as its predecessor. That means you get the same power, but that’s not a bad thing. The company didn’t necessarily need to upgrade the motor. Yet the newer model does come with extra features and also a new design.

What that means for you as a consumer is that if you already have the older Karcher pressure washer, you might not want to upgrade. Yet if you don’t yet have a power washer to use at home or at your place of business, then this is the latest model and a good pick. You want to know more about its features and what to expect when you buy your new pressure washer, right?

Heavy Duty Kaercher K7 Full Control, Premium Pressure Washer

When you buy the Karcher K7 premium pressure washer, you’re going to have to put it together. Yet that’s one of the benefits to this machine. It is said to be rather easy to put together. It is also said to be a lightweight yet solid machine. This heavy-duty piece of equipment has a hose that is 10 metres long, and it comes with a hose reel.

The machine has wheels, so you don’t have to pick it up and carry it around everywhere. The trigger gun features an LED display, and you have a plug and clean detergent system at your disposal. Featuring 160 bar pressure, the Karcher K7 power washer is a high-performance machine.

The motor features a cooling system that utilises water. Overall, you’re making an investment in a pressure washer that is going to be able to do all kinds of projects for you. No longer do you have to rent a machine or hire the professionals. You will have a professional grade device ready to help you with your pressure washing needs.